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Publié : 15 avril 2011

Let’s discover Joseph Loth !

Thursday, February 24th : let’s discover Joseph Loth !
Some of the 3ème of Romain Rolland visited Joseph Loth High School. We left Romain Rolland at 1:30 with our teachers .We came back at 4:30.
The reasons of our visit were to discover the high school and to meet our pen friends.

The organization of the afternoon :
There were two classes of 2nd and three classes of 3rd. There were three groups and three different activities :

- The diaporama of the presentation of Joseph Loth.

- The visit with MP3 players and a guided paper.

- The meeting with our pen pal in the self.

Our teachers were Mrs Badaire, Busson, Chauderlier, Le Stunff and Mr Moreau, and Mrs Hennart and Penault from Joseph Loth.

The 3ème